Rab Vapour Rise Guide Jacket

Rab Vapour Rise Guide Jacket

A few times I had seen the Rab Vapour Rise guide jacket hanging in our local outdoor store.  I had already fitted him several times, and eventually, I bought it. And I still do not regret it for a second, it is my most used jacket ever. 🙂 Also for daily use in the winter. I tested the jacket in Scotland, where the temperatures were sometimes too hot for the guide jacket. But in Iceland the jacket has been able to prove itself completely.  Charlotte, Oscar and Cindy had to put on multiple layers to get it warm. On average it was about 8 degrees Celcius with a strong cold wind, so the wind-chill was considerably lower. I only wore a t-shirt under the Vapor rise guide jacket. I hardly ever needed a hat because of the easily adjustable hood. The collar of the jacket is also high enough so that you are protected from the wind up to your nose. I also did not use a hardshell during the day trips, since the jacket dries very fast after a rain shower. On multi-day trips, I would take a hardshell with me. Because the Vapour Rise jacket is certainly not a waterproof shell. However, it is water-repellent. It also does not matter if your jacket gets wet, it stays warm for as long as you are moving. And once I was back in the car, the jacket was dry in about ten minutes. The jacket has an excellent level of breathability.

Some technical specifications of the Vapour Rise Guide Jacket:

The fabrics:

  • Pertex Equilibrium for the outer shell, windproof with excellent level of breathability and high moisture wicking
  • Light-weight Matrix DWS stretch panels, provides more freedom of movement
  • High wicking Polartec® Alpha lining offers excellent breathability and a fantastic warmth-to-weight ratio. The lining on the back is thinner to prevent sweating when using it with a heavy backpack.

The jacket is well equipped with pockets with a zipper, there are two inside pockets and two chest pockets that are located high so that your climbing harness or the belt of your backpack do not disturb. On the left side there is also a napoleon bag. In total there are five pockets, which also have the microfleece layer inside.

As with most hardshells, two ventilation zips are provided under the arms. I have occasionally used those especially when I was climbing.

As I mentioned earlier, the hood is excellent adjustable. From behind the head you can tighten the hood tightly around your head with a pull cord. The two drawstrings on the front let you close the hood closely around your face. This I found blessed when there was a strong cold wind, so it always stays comfortably warm. The collar is also high enough so that your mouth is shielded from the wind. There is a metal wire in the hood to make a raindrop cap. The hood is also compatible to wear a helmet.

Via a velcro closure you can also roll up the hood, but I never do this. The hood is just too comfortable to not use it. You can also tighten the sleeves with a Velcro closure.


  • excellent fit, with a superior hood
  • comfortably warm, with just a thin baselayer
  • windproof
  • fast-drying and excellent breathability
  • water-repellent, fast drying


  • it’s so comfortable that you don’t want to put it off
  • the weight? ( 775 gram for a small ), but you have to count it as more than one layer.


I am more than convinced of the Rab Vapour Rise Guide Jacket, I would buy it again immediately if I had to lose it or something. It’s so comfortably warm with just a thin baselayer, and the jacket is also windproof and water-repellent. I also find it handy that the jacket stays comfortably warm when you keep moving even when it is soaking wet. And because of the movement, the jacket dries very quickly once it has stopped raining.


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