Tripod Feisol CT 3342 with a Manfrotto 438, Really Right Stuff BH-40, Wimberly C-12

Tripod Feisol CT 3342 with a Manfrotto 438, Really Right Stuff BH-40, Wimberly C-12

So this is the configuration that I use with my tripod.

  • Tripod: Feisol Tournament CT-3342 Rapid
  • Ball Camera Leveller: Manfrotto 438
  • Ball Head: Really Right Stuff BH-40
  • Ball Head Clamp: Wimberly C-12 Quick Change Clamp

I got a few tripods before the Feisol CT-3342, but I met a German when we were hiking in Sarek. He was using the CT-3342, and I was immediately impressed by the weight and the size of the tripod. I was expecting that it would weight a lot, because of the size of the tripod. So once we were back in Belgium, I immediately ordered one. And since I got it, I never had to buy a new one. Here are some things I really like about the tripod.

  • Feisol’s Rapid anti-leg-rotation technology
  • Reverse-folding legs which flip up 180 degrees over the ball head for maximum compactness.
  • Remarkably lightweight for its size, just 1,17 kg
  • Incredibly strong and secure tripod performance.

There is only one thing, because of its size it is sometimes difficult to pack it in our backpack during the flight. Once we are hiking the tripod is mounted on one side of my backpack.

The Manfrotto 438 ball camera leveller is mounted on the tripod base plate, it’s an easy and quite cheap solution to level the ball head. I use it, especially for panorama shots. Then you got a better result in Photoshop when you want to merge different photos into one panorama. I would only use it when you take regularly panorama shots because it’s quite heavy. The leveller itself weights about 650 grams. It can correct 5° minus and plus.

Here are some things I really like about the leveller.

  • easy in use
  • quickly a level base for the ball head
  • a better merge result in photoshop because the ball head is always level

Two things that could be better. The weight because it’s heavy compared with the weight of the tripod itself. And I lost the handle of the locking mechanism, maybe they could make it that it’s not possible to lose it.

The Really Right Stuff BH-40 ball head is mounted on the leveller. I’m really satisfied with the ball head. It’s super secure, even when I use it in combination with my D850 and the Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. It can hold safely a load of 8kg, for me that’s enough. At the moment the Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 is my heaviest lens that I got with me.

Here are some things I really like about the ball head.

  • the compactness
  • it’s strong and secure
  • the payload of 8kg, compared with a weight of 369 grams
  • lock handle is easy in use

One thing that would make it just perfect, the lock handle is a little bit too long. Sometimes it hits the Wimberly ball head clamp.

The Wimberly C-12 was recommended by Heikki a good friend of ours. So I bought it and indeed it works just perfect. It’s super easy to lock my body. My body is mounted on an Arca Swiss plate. It weighs about 125 grams.






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