MSR Hubba Hubba NX tested in Scotland

MSR Hubba Hubba NX tested in Scotland

In the meantime, we have thoroughly tested the tent in Scotland, harsh climate. We’ve had a lot of rain, we’re happy that most of the time it’s was raining when we were sleeping in our tent. There was always a strong wind. Because of the limited storm lines we’re a bit scared in the beginning if the tent was strong enough. There are only two storm lines, one on each side. But the construction is so firmly that it can handle the wind pressure.

During our last night in Folkestone, we saw how some tents were razed to the ground, our Hubba Hubba had no problems with this strong wind pressures!

The two side-entry vestibules are a true luxury, especially when I want to get out of the tent to photograph. Now it’s easy to get in and out of the tent when Charlotte is already going to bed.  You should be aware of the wind direction when you set up the tent. So you can place the entry vestibules so that the wind can not blow inside the tent when you open the entry vestibules . The previous version of the Hubba Hubba has the zippers in the middle. As a result, it’s not a problem from where the wind is coming.

The two large side-entry vestibules are big enough to store your backpack. Even when there is a backpack in the vestibule, it’s easy to get in the tent. There is also a place to store your hiking boots in the vestibules.

It is also possible to fully open the sides of the tent. Then you got the optimal ventilation, you can do this of course only if the weather allows it. But in any case the ventilation is excellent, we had once a little bit of condensation. This was because we forgot to open the vents.

The hub-and-pole system with colour coded clips works quite simple. The colour code makes it easier to setup the tent correctly. Once we were to fast with setting up the tent. We forgot to check the colour coding and as a result, the fly sheet was in the opposite position of the inner tent. So the side-entry vestibules didn’t match with the entry of the inner tent. But it’s still possible to get in the tent but it’s more difficult.

What’s also convenient, that it is possible to set up first rain fly and then place later the inner tent. It does take a little more time to put them in this order but it is possible. This can be useful when it’s raining.

The inner tent feels very spacious for two people. The freedom of movement is huge! This is because they used an additional pole. This makes the inner tent bigger when you are sitting in the tent in opposite to other tents. Our Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xtherm mats fit easy along each other. The length of the inner tent is also very spacious. If we lie on our mats we have still about fifteen-centimetre free space at our head and feet.

Like I said earlier the ventilation is excellent. There are two vents at the front and back of the tent. Through the double zipper on the doorway, you can still make an extra ventilation opening.

At each vent, there is also a storage compartment. This is a nice extra. There are also two little loops in the inner tent where it’s possible to hang a clothesline.


  • easy and quick set up
  • freedom of movement in the inner tent
  • two large side-entry vestibules
  • lightweight for the comfort and spacious that you get


  • you need to check the wind direction because of the door openings ( opposite the old Msr Hubba Hubba )
  • maybe a storm line on front and back


We would certainly recommend this tent. The moving space is huge. Especially in the regions where we mainly going to hike, it can be raining a lot. And then this tent is a luxury! Set up the tent is very easy. The tent is also quite sturdy in heavy wind.
Relevant post with more technical details. 



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