Exped Compression Dry Bag

Exped Compression Dry Bag

We have been looking for some time for the right compression bag, first, we used a simple “fold drybag’ but the drawback of these bags is that they don’t stay compressed by the pressure of a sleeping bag. So after a while, the ‘fold drybag’ is decompressed again. So it will keep the sleeping bag waterproof but the volume is just too big to fit in a backpack. A while later we found the compression bags of Sea to Summit ‘eVent Compression Dry Sack’. But we didn’t like the pack size of the bags when they are compressed. So later a found the compression dry bag of Exped when I was searching for a new sleeping mattress. There are different versions of the compression dry bag. We got the normal compression dry bag’ because the compressions straps seemed to better than the lightweight cords of the ultra light version. And we were not sure if the lightweight cords could hold the bag compressed when there is a sleeping bag inside. There is also no flat purge valve to expel the air. Also, a big difference is a fabric where the bags are made of. The normal version is made of a ’70 D Taffeta Nylon, PU coated, 10000 mm water column’ and the ultra light version is made of a ’15 D Ripstop Nylon, Silicone/PU coated, 1500 mm water column’. So it’s much sturdier and the water column is a lot higher than de ultra light version. So finally we found our perfect compression dry bag. We are using the 20L version, it’s just big enough to fit two 3-season sleeping bags. The bag is big enough for one 4-season sleeping bag. We are also using this bag for our clothes to compress them and store them waterproof. 


  • sturdy
  • high water column
  • compressing is super easy with the flat purge valve
  • almost the same weight as the manufactory storages bag


  • it weights more than the double of the ultra light version 120 grams against 50 grams



Are you looking for a waterproof compression bag for your sleeping bag or other material? Then we can certainly recommend this bag. The bag feels very sturdy, has a high water column and the valve is also very useful during compression. The bag remains the same volume once you have closed the valve.





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