Exped Cloudburst 15

Exped Cloudburst 15

We were searching for a relative lightweight waterproof pack. We want to use it when we climb a mountain without our heavy backpack. So it’s a pack to use when we do a short hike at the evening. When we can leave our heavy backpack in the tent.  This waterproof pack works with a roll-top closure system like most of the waterproof packsacks. The Cloudburst is a combination of a waterproof packsack and a lightweight pack. The 15 l volume holds plenty of gear and keeps contents dry under all conditions.

First, we thought to buy a Sea to Summit travel daypack but the Exped Cloudburst 15 seems to be a better solution for us. It has a waist belt and an adjustable chest belt. This provides more comfort during climbing and descending because you can strap it firmly to your back. The Sea to Summit has no straps. It weights more than the Sea to Summit but we find this pack more comfortable.  And it’s completely waterproof in contrast to the Sea to Summit, this pack is only water resistant.


  • completely waterproof
  • 15L holds plenty of gear
  • chest and waist belt
  • comfortable


  • there are lighter solutions, but I’m not sure if those are completely waterproof

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