The great wilderness – Fisherfield – Dundonnell to Loch Na Sealga, Loch Ghiubhsachain and Loch Beinn Dearg

3- day backpacking loop trip from Dundonnell ( Corrie Hallie ) to Loch Na Sealga back via Loch Ghiubhsachain and Loch Beinn Dearg

Day 1: Dundonnell ( Corrie Hallie ) – Loch Na Sealga
Walking hours: 4h45
Photo moments: 2h
Distance: 11km
Altitude: 365m ascent, 350m descent

We park our car close to Corrie Hallie. When our backpack is packed, we can start our hike to Loch Na Sealga. First, we follow a jeep track through the forest Gleann Chaorachain. When we walk out of the forest, we have to cross the river Allt Gleann Chaorachain, there is a bridge.  After three kilometres we are at the crossing Shenavall – Sail Liath – Corrie Hallie. From here we take the path to Shenavall.

After a descent of about 270 meters, we pass the bothy Shenavall. The descent was easy, there is a clear path. Five hundred meters after the hut, we have to cross the river Abhainn Srath Na Sealga. When we have crossed the river, we follow the dry riverbed to Loch Na Sealga. At some places, it’s hard to find a way through the gorse bushes. So maybe it’s easier to follow the track to private bothy Larachantivore. And from there you can follow a path to Loch Na Sealga.

After a while, we are finally at Loch Na Sealga. There is a clear path along the Lake. We walk along the left side of the Lake. On our left are the mountain tops Beinn Dearg Mor and Beinn Dearg Bheag, on the other side of the lake are the mountain tops Sgurr Creag An Eich, Sgurr Fiona (An Teallach) and Sail Liath. We follow the track for about one kilometre. Here we find a beautiful spot to set up our tent. It’s a white sandy beach where we set up our tent.

It’s a wonderful evening at the Lake. While I’m making some photos, there were red deers running around our tent. Just wonderful to see!

Day 2:  Loch Na Sealga – near bothy “Shenavall” via Loch Ghiubhsachain and Loch Beinn Dearg
Walking hours: 5h30
Photo moments: 1h30
Distance: 15km
Altitude: 480m ascent, 450m descent

We follow the path a few hundred meters, from then we start to climb to the mountain pass near the mountain ridge of Beinn Dearg Bheag. There are no clear tracks, the only tracks that are visible are these made by red deers. We climbed a bit too high so we need to descent a little to reach the mountain pass. From here we have a nice view of Loch Ghiubhsachain. We take a little break before we start the descent to the loch. The descent to the loch is easy, in about 15 minutes we reach the loch. There are no human tracks in this valley. The only track that is visible is those of red deer. There are a lot of deer tracks. After about four kilometres we are approaching Loch  Beinn Dearg. The terrain between Loch Ghiubhsachain and Loch Beinn Dearg is reasonably easy. It’s also simple to navigate in this valley.

We walk along the left side of the Lake. This seems to us the best way to take along the lake. We walk for about one kilometre along the loch.  At the end of the lake, we are back on a clear track. This track goes up to the top Ruadh Stac Beag but we follow the track downwards to Shenavall. After a 4,5 km walk along the river Abhainn Gleann Na Muice, we have to cross it. We are lucky we don’t need to use our wading shoes.

When we have crossed the river Abhainn Gleann Na Muice, there follows a short hike through a moor area. Now we are back at the river Abhainn Srath Na Sealga, here we need to use our wading shoes. The water level is just too high to cross it without them. When it’s raining for a long time this river can be impassable. When we crossed the river we walk further to the bothy. When we want to set up our tent it starts to rain. But this is a good test if we can set up the rainfly at first and then the inner tent of our Msr Hubba Hubba NX. We place our tent close to it. There are grazing two red deer around the bothy.

Day 3: Near bothy “Shenavall” – Dundonnell
Walking hours:2h15
Photo moments: 45min
Distance: 11,5km
Altitude: 280m ascent, 340m descent

We follow the jeep track along the river Abhainn Srath Na Sealga to Cnoc nan Righreon. We pass the remote cottage Achneigie. It’s completely enclosed with wooden panels.

After four kilometres, we can start the climb to the mountain pass. After an ascent of 240 meters, we are approaching it. It starts to rain, and it keeps raining till we are back at the car.

Here you can download the gps track.

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