Sandwood Bay back via Am Buachaille

2- day backpacking loop trip from Balchrick to Sandwood Bay back via the sea stack Am Buachaille and cliffs

Day 1: Balchrick – Sandwood Bay
Walking hours: 1h15
Photo moments: 2h
Distance: 7km
Altitude: 80m ascent, 80m descent

We park our car in a parking lot between Balchrick and Blairmore. There is a place for about 20 cars.  Please be advised that this is a popular hike, especially during the weekend, it’s a perfect day trip. We do it in two days, we do this because we want to camp at the beach. We follow a gravel road to Sandwood Bay. Along the way, we pass five lakes Loch Aisir, Lochan Na Gainimh, Loch A’Mhuilinn, Loch Meadhonach and Loch Clais Nan Coinneal. The walk to the dunes is pretty boring, but once we are approaching the beach, we are rewarded with a beautiful view of Sandwood Bay and Sandwood Loch.

We place our tent in the dunes.  There are some places where you can place your tent on the grass. So you can anchor the tent better than in the loose sand.  In the evening we walk to the sea to make some “long exposure shots”.

Day 2:  Sandwood Bay – Balchrick
Walking hours: 2h
Photo moments: 2h
Distance: 9,5km
Altitude: 150m ascent, 100m descent

Today we walk along the coast and cliffs back to the car. We take a small path up to the cliff  Rubh´a Bhuachaille. We follow the edge of the cliffs till we are at the viewpoint of Am Buachaille. After a while, we are at the viewpoint of the sea stack Am Buachaille. The sea stack is 65 meters high, there are a few climbing routes on the Am Buachaille. We take a few pauses, to make some photos.  De coastline of Scotland is impressive, at many places the sea is azure blue.

We follow the coastline until we arrive at a small river, this river comes from Loch A’Mhuilinn. We follow this river till we are back at A’Mhuilinn. And from then it’s the same way back to the car.

Here you can download the gps track.

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